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How is life in an island during winter time?

I have been writing this blog since me and my husband decided to start to renovate an old school building in an island about 70 km:s west from Helsinki (capital of Finland). At first my intention was to tell how we are proceeding with the renovation. At the moment when Villa Sofia is ready the focus is changing to tell what is actually happening here. In winter mostly snowing 😊.

Why we named our buildings Villa Sofia?  

The word Sofia comes from Greek word and it means wisdom. We want to honor the old school building by naming it Villa Sofia - the house of wisdom where the inner wisdom and compassion are refined to the acts of wisdom. Sofia is asking us: What we want to create together to this world?

The two buildings of Villa Sofia.
Villa Sofia is located in a little village and we locals call the area Barösund - which could be translated "bare-island-strait. The scenery is really extraordinary with bare and high solid rocks by the sea. We have a yellow ferry which is transporting us and our cars to the island.

Yellow ferry.
During the winter time area is very silent and calm and it is very enjoyable to wander around in the forests. Villa Sofia is also a great place to have a retreat during the winter time. We have seven rooms and each room there is bed for max. 2-3 person. All rooms are individual in shape and theme. For example the Birch-apartment is very popular for enjoying "endless summer" inside.

Apartment Birch.
The evenings are dark in winter time and if there is not clouds in the sky we can see the Milky Way. It is fantastic just to stand on the yard and watch the night sky - there is Orion, Plejades, Sirius and many other wonderfull stars or constellations.


If you want to visit us during winter time, you can send request to our email: info(a)
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